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Recommending Readings in Philippine Studies (Updated)

Jose Rizal, Noli me tangere (1887) and El Filibusterismo (1891) These two novels, written in Spanish and published in Berlin and Ghent respectively by national hero Jose Rizal, are arguably the most important literary works produced by a Filipino, “foundational … Continue reading

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Promenade along the Luneta (or How I Ended Up a Poster Child for Martial Law)

My sister sent me this newspaper clipping of the front page of the Evening Express‘ January 30, 1973 edition.  Shot without our knowledge or permission only four months after Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in the Philippines, the photo shows me, … Continue reading

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10 Foods that Japanese Don’t Mind Standing in Line For

The other week, a television show featured restaurants from all over Japan that regularly attract long lines of Japanese customers. Here are some of the food for which Japanese will happily wait in line for as much as four hours: … Continue reading

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Elite: Anthology

Elite: An Anthology. Edited by Caroline S. Hau, Katrina P. Tuvera, and Isabelita O. Reyes. Manila: Anvil, 2016. Oligarchy, principalía, cacique, ilustrado, dato,“haves,” maykaya, makapangyarihan, may pinag-aralan. Who are the Filipino “elite?” This anthology collects some of the most memorable, … Continue reading

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