Elite: Anthology


Elite: An Anthology. Edited by Caroline S. Hau, Katrina P. Tuvera, and Isabelita O. Reyes. Manila: Anvil, 2016.

Oligarchy, principalía, cacique, ilustrado, dato,“haves,” maykaya, makapangyarihan, may pinag-aralan. Who are the Filipino “elite?”

This anthology collects some of the most memorable, multi-faceted literary portraits of the elite: as dynastic founders, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and patriots, but also as killers, opportunists, and purveyors of greed and corruption. These stories and poems can be read not only as works of art, but also as collective biography and as critical ethnography of the tribal customs of the wealthy, powerful, high-status, and educated cohort who have long been heroes and villains in Philippine history, society, culture, politics, and economy.

Contributors include F. Sionil Jose, Bienvenido Santos, Gilda Cordero-Fernando, Kerima Polotan, Linda Ty-Casper, E. San Juan, Jr., Jolico Cuadra, Hilario Francia, Marne Kilates, Jose Dalisay, Reine Arcache Melvin, Isabela Banzon, Lakambini Sitoy, Marivi Blanco, Vicente Groyon, Francis Macasantos, Mart Abueg, and Roland Tolentino.

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2 Responses to Elite: Anthology

  1. Where can we buy the book? I do not remember seeing this at the National Book Store. Thanks.

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