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Christmas Cakes 2017

A delicious sampling of this year’s Christmas cakes from Japan: This Louange Tokyo bear emerging out of a chimney is on the cover of Daimaru Department Store’s Christmas cake catalogue this year. The bear is made of white chocolate, while … Continue reading

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A Writing Nook

For a long time, I dreamed of having a writing nook. Not a room of my own, which I would never have been able to afford anyway, but a nook of my own, a space big enough for a table … Continue reading

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A True Ghost Story

My favorite real-life ghost story is the one recounted by veteran activist Cesar Hernandez Lacara (1910-2000) in his memoir Sa Tungki ng Ilong ng Kaaway: Talambuhay ni Tatang [On the Tip of the Enemy‚Äôs Nose: Auto/Biography of Tatang] (Metro Manila: … Continue reading

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