Recs #2

The formal title of Cixin Liu’s trilogy is Remembrance of Earth’s Past, but many people just call it The Three-Body Problem after the title of the first book. The three books are massive, dense with difficult concepts in quantum physics and string theory. Until now I’m not exactly sure what the sophons are, and I think I need to borrow the first book again just to clear some things in my head. (I actually just powered through the reading of the difficult parts, not understanding a lot of it, because I was missing the girl who recommended the book to me.)

The trilogy is, quite simply, spectacular. The work is what’s called hard science fiction because of the hard science involved in the fiction, but Liu’s story also has high drama, extremes of emotion, even lyricism and the enchantment of fairy tales. I finished the third book a few days ago, and the ending seems to me absurd yet utterly sublime. The scale in which Liu’s imagination works is breathtaking. I kind of want to say more but I shouldn’t because I might reveal too much and spoil the story.

I highly recommend the trilogy. But don’t take my word for it. Take Obama’s, who also loved the books.

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