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Coming Soon: “Demigods and Monsters: Stories”


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On F. Sionil Jose’s Antiquated Racial Nationalism

Some people never learn from their mistakes. The National Artist F. Sionil Jose is evidently one of them. On ne transforme pas un bourrin en cheval de course.  Or as the Americans prefer to put it: you can’t teach old … Continue reading

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The Zealotry of Racists Like Vergel Santos

One Vergel Santos has added his (racist) two centavos to the recent controversy generated by Solita Monsod’s racist comments. He commends  Monsod for her “rigor of inquiry” and for being a “highly regarded academic.” Monsod may be all that when it … Continue reading

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Solita Monsod is a Racist Enabler

Solita Monsod has seen fit to respond to my critique of her Inquirer article “Why Filipinos Distrust China” with yet another article, which essentially regurgitates her assertions without really addressing the points I raise about her basing her generalizations on … Continue reading

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Why I Distrust Solita Monsod’s “Why Filipinos Distrust China”

In her Inquirer article, Solita “Mareng Winnie” Monsod makes the same mistake as F. Sionil Jose of conflating “Chinese people” with “Chinese government,” and worse, conflating “Chinese people” with “Chinese in the Philippines,” which is further subdivided into three categories: … Continue reading

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2019 EuroSEAS Conference Berlin: Call for Papers

EUROSEAS CONFERENCE 2019 AT THE HUMBOLDT-UNIVERSITÄT ZU BERLIN The next EuroSEAS conference will be held in Berlin from 10-13 September 2019 and will be hosted by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Keynote speakers We are pleased to announce that Professor Caroline Hau, professor … Continue reading

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The Feast of All Saints

My essay on All Saints’ Day appears in the Blog section of Anahaw Books’ official website. Thanks to Rajiv Daswani for his help and encouragement. A good Todos los Santos to all!

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Melmoth in Manila

The British writer Sarah Perry is no stranger to the Philippines. In 2004, she received the Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize for her essay, “A Little Unexpected,” about the time she and her husband spent living in Cubao and traveling to … Continue reading

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